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Information about 3 D - DIANIŠKA, s.r.o.

Legal information

Company name 3 D - DIANIŠKA, s.r.o. [1]
Identification number (IČO) 31606954
VAT ID SK 2020455041 [2]
Legal form Company with limited liability
Capital 6774 EUR
Management body managers
Acting in the name of the company Represent the company and signed for it managers, each separately.
Date of entry 18.05.1994


managers Eleonóra Dianišková
managers Mária Dianišková
managers Helena Dianišková
managers Dušan Dianiška
managers Miroslav Dianiška
managers Vladimír Dianiška

Contact information

Contact company: 3 D - DIANIŠKA, s.r.o.

Registered seat

Zvolenská cesta 22, 974 01 Banská Bystrica


  • miroslav@3ddianiska.sk
  • vladimir@3ddianiska.sk


  • +421484137098


  • +421484161799


SK-NIC identifier is 3DDI-0001. [3]

Objects of the company

Trade registry

Activities of the company are available at the trade registry website.

Licensing register

From 18.5.1994: The implementation of residential, civil and industrial buildings., with the representatives of the: Ing. Rudolf Modranský (Zrušený)

From 18.5.1994: Installation, maintenance, repair of electrical equipment including high and low voltage switchboards up to 22kV. And (B)., in the establishment at Nemce, Za záhradkami 2310/10 (Zrušená)

From 18.5.1994: Trade and brokerage activities within the scope of free trade., in the establishment at Nemce, Za záhradkami 2310/10 (Zrušená)


C.27.12: Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus [4]


31200: Manufacture of electrical distribution and control equipment

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